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See an Ophthalmologist in Shreveport if You are Experiencing Eye Floaters

As you age, it is normal to see flashes and floaters, a black or grey specks, strings, or cobwebs, in your central vision. Most people adjust without any major problems. However, an abrupt increase in flashes and floaters could be a sign of retinal tearing. If that is the case, make an appointment at Shreveport Eye Clinic in Shreveport. An eye doctor will give you a dilated eye exam and will determine the best course of treatment.  

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Floaters Are Really Just Shadows

In your youth, a clear, firm gel called vitreous, fills your eyes and carries light to your retina. As you age, though, the vitreous liquefies, shrinks, and pulls away from the retina. This results in a suspension of minute clumps of cells and specks of protein. Their shadows are called floaters and are seen by one-quarter of 60-year-olds and two-thirds of 80-year-olds.

Floaters are more visible when you look at the blue sky or a bright screen. They move when your eyes move, seem to dart away when directly looked at, and slowly drift when your eyes are still.

You are more likely to see floaters if you:

  • Are over 50
  • Are nearsighted
  • Have had eye trauma
  • Have had cataract surgery
  • Have diabetic retinopathy
  • Have eye inflammation

Floaters Sometimes Signal Retinal Disease

One in six experience retinal tearing. Fluid can then seep in and detach the retina from the nourishment of its base. This painless event can cause permanent vision loss.

Warning Signs of Retinal Detachment include:

  • Rapid onset of flashes and floaters.
  • Gradual shading of side vision.
  • Abrupt loss of visual acuity. This happens when the retina detaches in the center (macular) region of the eyes.

The good news is that an ophthalmologist can repair torn retinas in our office with lasers, extreme cold, and other methods. Early treatment is essential to prevent or minimize any vision loss.

Your Life with Floaters

The good news is that floaters often become less noticeable and even disappear. If you find them intolerable, they can be removed, but there is a risk in loss of vision. One method for temporary relief is to look up and down or side to side. Talk with our ophthalmologist about the risk of having surgery to remove floaters.

Make an Appointment for a Comprehensive Eye Exam at Shreveport Eye Clinic

Online eye exams are becoming popular, but keep in mind that they are not always accurate and cannot spot eye diseases, such as cataracts, macular degeneration, glaucoma, and retinal detachment. So call our office at 318-861-4009 and make an appointment to see our ophthalmologist in Shreveport. We have the latest equipment and expertise to treat an eye problem.

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