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Pediatric Eye Exams at Your Ophthalmologist in ShreveportChildrens eye exam Shreveport

Eye exams for kids are just as important as those for adults. At Shreveport Eye Clinic, we take vision and eye health seriously. We recommend bringing your child in for an annual exam by the time they are walking or as young as six months. This can provide you with insight into their vision and eye health while also allowing us to screen your child for preventable conditions or complications down the road. With your ophthalmologist in Shreveport so readily available, there’s no time like right not to schedule the pediatric eye exams your family needs.

Why Schedule Pediatric Eye Exams with Our Shreveport Ophthalmologist?

When you come in to see your Shreveport ophthalmologist for any type of pediatric eye exam or screening, you’ll get one-on-one care in a friendly, relaxed environment. The fact is, as much as 25% of children age 5 to 17 have vision problems, according to National Commission on Vision & Health. More so, many children’s eye health and vision complications go undetected because vision screening isn’t provided until school. We recommend an annual eye exam for any child that has a higher risk of eye problems or every three years prior to kindergarten for those with low risks. Annual vision screenings are ideal.

Vision quality and eye health matters to children:

  • Children with poor grades may be experiencing vision problems.
  • Some conditions, such as lazy eye, can be rectified if caught early enough.
  • Some children with learning disabilities may actually have complex eye health or vision concerns instead.

Making changes at a young age can improve some diseases and conditions. In other cases, it can slow progression or even prevent complications. Most importantly, we’ll work with you to ensure your child has the best level of vision possible so he or she isn’t limited beyond what is necessary in activities, school, or at home.

What You Can Expect from Pediatric Eye Exams in Shreveport

When your child comes in for pediatric eye exams in Shreveport with our team, he or she will experience a friendly and upbeat office. Our goal is to make this a comfortable experience. We offer vision screenings that are age appropriate, giving your child the best ability to communicate their specific vision conditions to us. After a comprehensive eye exam, we may recommend care as needed.

  • Watchful waiting may be necessary for minor vision concerns.
  • We may recommend prescription eyeglasses to young children and contacts to older children.
  • Some children may need more advanced care including treatment for underlying health conditions.
  • Children participating in sports may benefit from protective vision care.

Your child’s eyes are important to use.  Eye exams for kids should be considered very valuable to their growth and progress.

Schedule Shreveport Pediatric Eye Exams Today

We work with children of all ages and with a wide range of eye health and vision concerns. Schedule an appointment with your experienced ophthalmologist to get started with us. Call us for Shreveport pediatric eye exams today: 318-861-4009.

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