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Eye Exams with Our Eye Doctor Serving Shreveport and Bossier area

eye exams in Shreveport and Bossier

At Shreveport Eye Clinic, our eye care team provides Shreveport and Bossier patients with top quality eye care services, including a full menu of eye exams. Depending on age, eye disease and eye condition risk factors, and whether you currently wear glasses or contact lenses, the American Optometric Association recommends patients have a comprehensive eye exam every one to three years. With routine eye exams, our eye doctors not only ensure patients' prescription lenses are up to date, but also screen for health risk factors, eye disease, and eye conditions, ensuring early detection and treatment. During a comprehensive eye exam, our eye doctor not only performs a visual acuity test in order to determine the patient's required corrective lens prescription, but also completes a full evaluation of the patient's eyes, looking for signs of disease, evaluating eye function, and examining the different structures within the eye including the retina, cornea, tear ducts, and others. 

Eye Exam Services Offered by Shreveport Eye Clinic Eye Doctor

At Shreveport Eye Clinic, our team of eye doctors, ophthalmologists offer a complete menu of eye exam services. Our eye doctors help patients determine what types of eye exams or additional services are necessary for to achieve optimal eye health and to see clearly. Shreveport and Bossier area patients benefit from our list of eye exam services which, in addition to routine eye exams, includes contact lens exams, corneal and external eye exams, disease exams, glaucoma exams, pediatric eye exams, refractive surgery evaluations, and retina exams.

What to Expect During and Eye Exam in Shreveport

During an eye exam in Shreveport, our eye doctor will first perform a visual acuity test, asking the patient to read an eye chart, testing peripheral vision, and testing the function of the patient's binocular vision (how the eyes work together). Our eye doctor will also likely dilate the patient's eyes, using eye drops, in order to test for glaucoma and examine the function of the eye's internal structures. If your eyes will be dilated as part of your comprehensive eye exam, we recommend patients have someone drive them to their appointment, as eyes will remain light-sensitive for several hours after the appointment.

Patients should bring a copy of their current corrective lens prescription, current eye glasses or contact lenses, and a list of any medications the patient is taking. We also recommend patients bring a list of concerns or any changes in vision or eye function they have noticed to discuss with our eye doctor. 

Schedule Your Eye Exam in Shreveport Today

To maintain eye health, a current lens prescription, and to ensure early detection of eye conditions, our eye doctors recommend patients schedule at least one comprehensive eye exam per year. If you have not yet scheduled your annual routine eye exam in Shreveport, we encourage you to contact Shreveport Eye Clinic at 318-861-4009